Accessories for growing cannabis

Note:- We Do NOT condone the growth of Cannabis, this article is meant for information purposes only. We are also not affiliated with any websites that we link to. Use these websites at your own risk. It is illegal to grow cannabis plants in many countries. Some states in USA and Canada are legalizing cannabis. In Europe the ban is more widespread, in countries like UK the sale of cannabis seeds is legal and classified as novelty items!

Light meter

Since light is the most important single factor affecting your plants life cycles, quality light meters are an essential tool in determining accurately if your crop is receiving the maximum light needed for healthy growth. The Greenhouse Light Meter allows the commercial grower an accurate means of adapting to their plants needs as the light conditions change during a full growing season. Using a light meter you can identify best light level of healthy plants and read up to 5000 foot candles of sun, high intensity or fluorescent light

PH pens

The pH level is what you are testing. pH affects a plant’s ability to transport its own nutrients and carbohydrates. Cannabis thrives at a pH of around 6.5 (more on that later). Your job is to keep your grow medium and water within a desirable range.

pH pens do the exact same job as pH strips or drops, but they’re much more precise. Instead of getting a broad pH range from your tester, a mid-level pH pen can give you a measurement down to 2 decimal places with +/- .1 accuracy. In this case, that would mean that you could measure the pH of some water and get a reading of 5.85 and know that at worst the pH is really 5.75 or 5.95. Luckily, when you’re growing cannabis precision at that level isn’t entirely necessary though it’s nice to have if you want it.

Zip Ties

Zip ties are essential for maintaining a neat and tidy grow room. Cords for connecting grow lights can get messy and cluttered and even choke up your plants if you’re not careful. Using zip ties to keep all of the cords neatly collected in your grow room doesn’t just keep it pretty, but keeps it practical, too!


Fans are a must while harvesting. Keeping the air moving in your drying area will decrease the chances of mold, speed up the drying process, and reduce humidity in the room. Fans also make a stuffy manicuring area much more pleasant to work in. You don’t need to spend a fortune, a few cheap box fan will go a long way.


All too often the weather becomes a bit uncooperative during harvest. When drying cannabis you need warm dry air. An inexpensive dehumidifier will help create the perfect environment by drying out the air and warming up the room. They work so well you will need to monitor the buds more closely or they can become too dry.


When growing marijuana indoors, proper temperature and air flow are crucial for achieving maximum yields. Typically, an optimal range for cannabis is somewhere between 68-77 degrees (20-25 Celsius).  Anything higher than this range will speed the metabolism of the plants and requires higher inputs of water, carbon dioxide, nutrients, and lighting. Consider adding a thermostat to your marijuana growing supplies (if you don’t already have one).

CO2 Emitters

Integrating CO2 emitting devices is not something that beginning grow room operators generally use. It’s definitely worth it in the end, but I always tell people to get everything else dialed in first, then look into CO2. It’s been my experience with dozens of friend’s gardens that they don’t do something else right, or goof up their crop somehow, and then it’s very hard if not impossible to determine how much CO2 has helped their gardens. At that point it’s just kind of a waste of money. However, once you get consistent yields, then add in CO2 and you will no doubt be able to easily track how much CO2 has increased your yield, and how much superior the buds are. Once you get to that point, you will probably be choosing between a propane based CO2 creator or using a tank with a CO2 regulator. The propane method is definitely cheaper, but realize it puts off a lot of heat. Tank methods don’t put off heat, but obtaining the CO2 tanks can be a bit of a hassle.

Eye protection

Spending any amount of time in an indoor grow can be tough on the eyes. Whether you grow under LED or HPS lights, the spectrum can be damaging if you’re not properly protected.

Luckily, there are now affordable options for indoor growers with these Nectar KUSH HPS and LED sunglasses. Both pairs are sufficiently wrapped and polarized for outdoor use as well. Nectar, the company behind these glasses, also donates a portion of the proceeds from every pair sold to help restore North American honey beehives.